Welcome to Balanza Health & Wellness!

“Balanza” means balance, in Spanish. The leaves of the logo represent the Journey that each and everyone of us are on, called LIFE. The rich transition of colors throughout the leaves represent the transitions we go through while on this journey, whether the transition be the passing of a loved one, beginning a new job, the healing of past memories, changing careers, a new addition to the family, becoming empty nesters, healing from injury, trauma, illness, or what ever else life brings. Balanza Health & Wellness is here to help you find balance and profound healing throughout your journey’s transitions.

Balanza Health & Wellness consists of a gifted network of healing professionals who help to restore physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual balance. We are happiest and most productive when we are in a balanced, healthy state. During the course of our lives, we experience events that disrupt our natural state of balance, events that we hold onto, events that we suppress, and for some reason store in our tissues, in our organs, our viscera, and other areas of our being that end up causing us pain in one way or another.

Balanza Health & Wellness is dedicated to helping our clients achieve profound healing and balance. Believing we are created in a state of grace and balance, it is our utmost desire to help our clients rediscover that lost state. From that state, everything in our lives change for the better.