I have tried many massage therapists over the years, but Yvonne is an exceptional therapist who stands alone in a league of her own. She is a healer who is in-tune with my whole body, mind and soul. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for my well being has played a major role on my journey to recovery and healing.
~ Shahrokh

Yvonne creates a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. I love her professionalism and that she truly cares about each individual, their health and their circumstances. I think she’s great and recommend her highly.
~ Kara Hooper

Yvonne is a caring person who always sets her clients’ needs as a priority. She often arranges her personal life in such a way as to meet clients’ scheduling needs rather than keeping a strict schedule. Her skill level is high and she has significant insight as to the causes of pain. I have been a client of Yvonne’s for over a year and cannot say enough good things about her.

I am 61 years old and during most of my adult life I have taught preschoolers. This involves a lot of sitting on the floor and bending over at strange angles for extended periods of time. As a result I was developing a dowager’s hump and had lived with back pain for so long that I thought it was normal. Yvonne made the hump disappear and I no longer have back pain. My daughter trains horses and does lots of repetitive barn chores. As a result she was living with pain that actually prevented full range of movement. She no longer lives in Spokane but received significant improvement while seeing her. Every person that I have referred to Yvonne has also experienced similar improvement.
~ Sheryl Engel

I have received excellent treatment from Yvonne Haney. I truly believe that Yvonne has a special gift for treatment that is difficult to replicate. I have had various issues with my back and neck over the past thirty years. During this long period of time, I have visited many different professionals for a variety of treatments. Vonnie is at the top of the list in terms of her ability to assess what I need and help restore my body to its highest functioning level. I trust Yvonne completely and I know she cares deeply about the health of her patients. Even more important is the fact that she cares about me as a person. It is my opinion, that many practitioners understand their specific field of expertise but do not balance that with other areas. For example, some of my issues have been alignment, while others are muscle tightness, flexibility or even stress. All of these components must work together to allow one’s body to perform at an optimum level. Yvonne Haney understands this synergistic process much better than most other practitioners. She will refer her patients to other professionals to deal with those areas that are not her area of specialty. For example, we often coordinate our treatment dates with a chiropractor, whom she trusts. To put it simply, Yvonne Haney understands what I need better than anyone else form whom I have received treatment. I really trust her gift of treatment and give her my highest recommendation!
~ Don Eggart

I have know Vonnie for several years, following a recommendation from my doctor to begin massage treatments with her. I had strained my low back and needed both chiropractic care and massage, the latter of which Vonnie provided. She worked amazingly well with my injury, allowing my hip flexors to relax, thereby allowing my pelvis to realign. Without her, I am convinced that I would not have healed as quickly or completely. In addition to this initial problem, my body has difficulty truly relaxing, due to muscle tension in my neck and shoulder area. This tension has been an ongoing issue for years…until I met Vonnie. She has helped me to look at my shoulder and neck pain from a holistic view, beginning with my posture. Since I have been regular patient, with monthly visits to Balanza, Vonnie has helped to re-educate my body into better alignment, less neck and shoulder tension and better overall health. In addition, Vonnie provides exercises/stretches, which are to be done at home, to maintain the structural changes she produces through her deep tissue work on the body. Finally, on of the most significant aspects of her treatment is her ability to get to the mental and emotional causes of injury and pain…simply stated, this is a gift which is rare in the field of massage therapy.  I have been blessed to have Vonnie care for my health and hope to continue with her for as long as she operates her business, Balanza.
~ Sue Eggart